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Never Go Back To Work After Vacation

The worst part of vacation is returning and heading back to work. I just listened to the audiobook, Vagabonding by Rolf Potts. It's a philosophy book disguised as a travel book.  As I drove my family to spend a week in Chicago I listened as Potts described...
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Make Starving A Game

So, I've been eating a Vegan Diet for the last week now. It's a little difficult and it requires thought. And that's why I love it. I used to work for a guy who was on a diet so restrictive that it actually made the dieter's body temperature drop a couple...
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Need Motivation? Write Your Own Obituary!

A great story about artist's motivation comes from the life of the artist Salvador Dali... or, maybe it was some other genius. Really doesn't matter - we'll just say it was Dali.  It seems that, in his family, Salvador was actually Salvador #2.  Salvador...
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I’m a Minimalist… So, Why am I Worried About Money?

Minimalism! What a concept! I just realized that the term "Minimalist" might just describe my natural drive to separate myself from the unnecessary.  Not just clutter on bookshelves, but fundamental things. Big things. I made a list of some of the biggies that I...
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The Big Pay Off

The Pay OffAbout a year ago, just about when I was first forming the idea for and had first conceived the swearing off of jobs, I was offered a job. And though a job wasn’t what I was looking for at that time, I took it. I took it because it offered more money that I had made up to that point in my life, and I thought the new, higher ceiling to my cash flow might be useful for a project I had been thinking about for some time without any real plans as to how to execute it: Paying off my debt, I took the job.

My wife actually asked: Are you sure you’re not selling out? My wife! But, I had a plan. read more…

Is This What It Means To Be Centered

What Centered MeansI’ve noticed that when we follow a train of thought farther and farther out we begin to come around “full circle.” Like circumnavigating the globe, worlds of thought seem to be circular or maybe even spherical in form.  This seems to be one way of verifying the validity of that kind of inclination.

An example: I began following what forsakers of worldly things say about the act of seeking non-materialism, and suddenly find them talking about abundance and enough.  Now, whose to say whether they truly believed that they had enough in their Ghandi-esque relinquishing of the world or whether they were simply painting again and again the bars of what they perceived to be their cage. read more…


DoggedI was walking my German Shepherd down the street yesterday and as we moved along we received the usual barrage taunts and arguments from the neighborhood dogs. My dog sometimes took notice, sometimes seemed to ignore, sometimes sniffed and peed.  I, for the most part, tugged her along down the sidewalk.

I am proud of a phrase that I once coined, and which really deserves to be on a bumper sticker: I’d rather live in a world peopled by dogs, than dogged by people. read more…

Making Peace With Todays Roadblocks

Make Peace with RoadblocksSeems I almost always get this intense feeling of dread whenever I have a meeting the following morning with my boss?  Why do I always have this feeling that I am responsible for the whole world and not simply my project. My project isn’t that simple.

I’m always sure that I am expected to be farther along than I am, part the seas, make it right. And of course, I have squandered my time. I’m sure I have made no progress to speak of. With the day of reckoning being tomorrow I fall into deep despair. Is this the Catholic guilt I always hear about. read more…

7 Ways To Not Let Your Job Be An Excuse Not To Live

Don't Let Work Be An ExcuseIt’s a topic that we touch on fairly often at A Day On; how to get back on track and start living the life that we envision, that we yearn for, that is our true destiny. And ironically enough one of the main competitors for our time is often the last place on our schedule that we really “want” to be: our jobs. read more…

6 Rules of Work Life Improvisation

Work Life ImprovisationMost of the descriptions of art that I find satisfying include implicitly or explicitly some mention of improvisation. I love the liberated spirit, and Art (and truly living), by my definition, must break from rote expression or automatomism in order to conceive and realize itself. The artist, thus is the practitioner of living A Life On which consists of living A Day On followed by another and another.

Following are 6 guidelines aimed at facilitating improvisation in Jazz. They also seem to be worthwhile in undertaking a life filled with exploration and discovery. read more…

Hope and Change in the Obama Presidency

Hope and ChangeFor the first time in my life I felt moved to donate to a political campaign. I gave a small donation to the Obama candidacy and have been on their email list throughout the campaign. But now, even though he’s won, I still receive their communications.

It seems I am on Barack Obama’s email list. Here’s the message I got from the man who in three days will be our next President. read more…

Artist Looks For Something – Art Happens

Artist Looks For Something - Art HappensI listened to a podcast called “Conversations With Modern Artists” featuring Martin Creed. On it, Creed speaks in a thick Scottish brogue sounding almost apologetic in his attempts to explain answers to questions that are asked.

“I don’t know, you know, I don’t know what I want. I don’t know what I want. But, I do know that I want something. So, I think, that… I mean, I don’t know what I do, because… I can’t know that. But, I think that I just look for what I might find or want. Along the way hopefully… along the way of looking for something, I hope that something gets found. I think that the works are. The work is just something that happens along the way of looking for something. It’s just the way I… well, it’s just the way I say that I look at it.” read more…

Loving Someone Whose Not A Day On

Loving Someone Whose Not A Day OnFrustrations crop up in any relationship. Times when it seems like you “get it” and your significant other simply doesn’t.  Maybe your partner has never read a word of Emerson, Thoreau, Jung or Kerouac.

Maybe they have no desire to get rid of the TV or eventually pay everything off and get off the grid in all the ways that you dream about.  read more…

Quote of the Day

ThoreauThe laboring man, even in this comparatively free country has not leisure for a true integrity day by day; he cannot afford to sustain the manliest relations to men; his labor would be depreciated in the market. Life’s finer fruits cannot be plucked by him. He has no time to be anything but a machine.


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