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Never Go Back To Work After Vacation

The worst part of vacation is returning and heading back to work. I just listened to the audiobook, Vagabonding by Rolf Potts. It's a philosophy book disguised as a travel book.  As I drove my family to spend a week in Chicago I listened as Potts described...
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Make Starving A Game

So, I've been eating a Vegan Diet for the last week now. It's a little difficult and it requires thought. And that's why I love it. I used to work for a guy who was on a diet so restrictive that it actually made the dieter's body temperature drop a couple...
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Need Motivation? Write Your Own Obituary!

A great story about artist's motivation comes from the life of the artist Salvador Dali... or, maybe it was some other genius. Really doesn't matter - we'll just say it was Dali.  It seems that, in his family, Salvador was actually Salvador #2.  Salvador...
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I’m a Minimalist… So, Why am I Worried About Money?

Minimalism! What a concept! I just realized that the term "Minimalist" might just describe my natural drive to separate myself from the unnecessary.  Not just clutter on bookshelves, but fundamental things. Big things. I made a list of some of the biggies that I...
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Defending The Hustle

Defending the HustleYou go to a strip bar and talk to the strippers. Every one of them is just passing through on their way to a better place. It’s a cliche.

And maybe it’s easy to cop an attitude of superiority because no matter how bad your own life is going they will feign an interest in you.  They’re easy. “Yeah, right, she’s going to school to be an attorney.” But, look around. Everybody’s got some dream that in their more exposed moments they might share with you. And strippers are just exposed to the naive observer, opened up, naked, but they’re actually safe behind a mask, under the unnatural light, late at night, maybe in a different town, safe behind a stage name. read more…

Wikileaks and True Democracy

True DemocracyI have been thoroughly enjoying the ways both the political and media establishments have been thrown off balance by the recent releases by Wikileaks which at first glance doesn’t seem to contain much substance or firepower.

So, our dignitaries and heads of state are calling each other names, making fun of each other’s escapades and character flaws on the taxpayer dime. There was even a few references by outwardly restrained government representatives about being at their wits end with badly behaving nations such as Iran. read more…

Aubrey DeGray And Eternal Life

Eternal LifeSometimes when I think of my dream for A Day On, of finding a proven, methodical alternative path toward achieving greater fulfillment not only for me but for all of those out there who seek self-actualization, I feel overwhelmed.

It seems that there exists, so ingrained in the culture an overwhelmingly begrudging acceptance of such a senseless deference of what truly matters to an individual replaced by the drudgery of meaningless, if moderately profitable, drudgery. Life sucks and then you die. read more…

The Pleasures And Sorrows of Work – A Book Review

Pleasures And Sorrows of WorkAs you travel along your own particular path you sometimes find yourself a bit lonely for company. At best, you enjoy the camaraderie of the odd fellow traveller for a while before you must both again head off into the unknown. Few, it seems, share your language, and often those who do, can only follow your thoughts so far.

In his newest effort, Alain de Botton, offers us several excursions into the strange love/hate and, more often, indifferent attitude that so many workers feel about what they do.  Once, a self-described atheist friend picked up a figurine of Jesus Christ playing soccer with some children. The front of the little statue read: Pass It To Jesus.  He mused: “Just think: someone in China is painting these as they pass by on an assembly line. What must they think about that… this strange product that they are a part of producing… and the motives of the people who would purchase such a thing?” read more…

I Have A Dream

A Dream

Books and movies are transferrable waking dreams. And perhaps, as Jung believed dreams themselves are our individual way of tapping into a world of greater possibility. Perhaps, they are even examples of divine providence: a roadmap for our waking lives that will bring us to an existence that is closer to our heart.

Three years ago I read, “Your Money Or Your Life,” a book that provides a vivid vision of a life made more simple and fruitful through the demystification of our money taboo. read more…

Are You Being Robbed At Work?

Robbed At WorkA man walked out of the bank to find his friend standing there with a look of surprise on his face.

“They’ve taken all my money!” he said.

“All the cash from your paycheck?”?“All of it,” said the friend.

They looked down the street where the fleet-footed thieves must have disappeared.

“Wow,” said the first one.

“What?” said his friend.

“You just worked a whole week for nothing. That stinks.” read more…

The Diet to End All Diets

Diet to End All DietsThe Wild Man has revealed something about my food intake recently. We have all heard about how what we put into our bodies, it’s fuel, should be of good quality if we are expecting good results.

I’ve noticed that the Wild Man is thin but with good muscle tone. He doesn’t have any excess fat on his body beneath his rust-colored fur. Yet, it would be ridiculous to imagine him on a stationary bike or a treadmill or slave to any kind of “health regimen.” But the guy exudes healthy wholeness. I never see him eating, so watched more closely. read more…

Restoring Your Full Sphere of Energy

Be the BallIn his book Iron John, Robert Bly tells the story about the little boy accidentally rolls his golden ball into Iron John’s cage. When he asks for Iron John to give it back to him, the Wild Man responds that he can only return it if the little boy opens the cage.  When the boy does, Iron John steps out and says: “Now you will be punished for releasing me. You can come with me if you want, rather than facing society’s scorn.” The boy jumps onto his back and off they go, into the woods. read more…

Being the Boss – How to Manage Your Passion

Manage Your CreativitySure, having someone peering over your shoulder, setting your priorities, demanding results, requiring more and more of you when you’re sure you don’t have more to offer are some of the very reasons you want to fire your boss and go it alone, but do you have what it takes to push yourself this hard? read more…

Land of Opportunity

Land of Opportunity

I remember being distinctly underwhelmed about this latest job when I took it. I drove the long distance to the office park and thought to myself, “How ugly. How sterile. I would hate to work here.”  I laughed as the front door to the building on the first and every subsequent interview got caught up midway through my opening swing and bonked me threateningly as I tried to make my way through it.

Maybe it’s the exchange of money that cheapens it. And, so, I have been trying to cut my need for money out of the equation. I want to get to where I have time to do what I love and by putting my passion into it, by doing it well, I get to do it more.  And if the bills are paid, who can complain? read more…

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