Your New IdentityThe virtual storefront! Wow! What a concept!  Who ever thought we’d see a day when having a internet address would make a business as legitimate as having an actual physical street address.  And already there is a generation among us who have never known a world without a functioning internet.  To them, the priority is already leaning toward an internet identity if a physical storefront is too expensive or even unnecessary.

It is no coincidence that the author of this blog on discovering how to bring your inner passions and drives into the world and allow them to fulfill ourselves as we fulfill them should also be a facilitator of website identities.  When I’m wearing my web-guy hat I see myself as a soul-whisperer to the degree of greatness that this blog strives for. I don’t want to simply place a few images and words for you on the screen; I want to help you change your life. I want to help you get to a better place personally. A Day On dot com is my online identity. By creating this website I allowed myself to flesh out the ideas and longings in my mind. The act of creating the website allowed me to better understand what mattered to me – and what really didn’t. I want your web project to be a journey of understanding and self-discovery. If we’re not taking you and your business to a higher stage of actualization then there’s really no reason for us to waste our time.

In the same way that sketching out a plan allows a carpenter to more fully conceptualize the various perspectives of his upcoming project, the very act of building a web identity: choosing a color-scheme to match your concept, designing a logo to encapsulate your identity at a glance, composing the content to flesh out what you are all about, selecting related imagery to further illuminate and add a tone to your new calling… these are all important steps in making your new identity real not only in your mind, but in the mind of all those that you feel the yearning to serve.

When putting together your new online identity don’t simply think of it as a series of bothersome but necessary tasks. Don’t simply look to other sites and copy their identity.  I look at it as: this is your chance to invent yourself, to be as great as the spirit you have inside you. Don’t be tempted to conform the way your 9-5 life has up until now dictated. Step out of line. Step up and claim your greatness online. Instead, think of it in terms of truly creating an “alternate” identity. Think of it as the act of creating a “truer” identity. As if you could recreate yourself upon embarking upon a new life. Shoot the works!

My greatest happiness as an online facilitator comes from helping someone break out of the chains of their 9-5 and take their inner passions to a new, larger, more appreciative audience. I’ve often thought that career counselors have it great because they get to listen to their clients’ dreams, help them reframe their skills into a new focus, and encourage them to take the next step.  Maybe I’m even more lucky in that I get to take things one step farther. I help them add color, words, images and form to the outlines.

Rick Ortiz is an online facilitator. His business site is: ROCommunication