What is A Day On and why should you take one? And then another?

If you’re anything like me you may have always felt that the time you spend going to work could be better spent. Well over one-third of your life is spent working, getting ready for work, commuting, dreading, decompressing from and worrying about work. I even noticed that those hours when I was supposed to be sleeping were negatively affected by my job and my attitude towards it.

Then you retire. Then you die. The best you can hope for is that they happen in that order and not in too quick succession.

If you’re anything like me you may have always felt that the things in life you are passionate about make up a very tiny sliver of the whole that is your life.  Increasing the size of this sliver of passion relative to the rest of my life became my goal, and it should be your goal too.

Take a day off work so that you can take A Day On at what truly interests you.

Why would you want to take a day away from your job to… work?

Taking A Day On means spending a work day as you would dictate! You’re creative and it’s about time your creativity was tapped. Taking A Day On brings you a step closer to your essence, so why wouldn’t you want to go there? You know you’re being pulled there anyway.

Referring to these days as “days off” doesn’t do them justice. And so, the term “A Day On” applies. Taking A Day On is an exercise in creativity. If our days are not filled according to others’ priority and direction we are finally free to assume responsibility for our fulfillment. A Day On the website, books and articles are resources empowering us to do that.

A Day On seeks to bring about a unity in life satisfying to our own personal longings and at the same time pay the bills.

We are fragmented because society has taught us to deny our values. A Day On allows us to step out of this alien existence into one that more closely matches our essence.

What to expect.

You’ll begin by scheduling a day off work. It might be during the work week or on either edge of a weekend. You’ll learn to tell no one. Friends and family members will try to help you fill up your time faster than any boss ever did. There is nothing as threatening than a close friend with nothing to do. Like Fight Club, you’ll learn not to talk about A Day On. They won’t understand.

You’ll learn to plan your day in advance. You’ve never planned and conspired as well as you will for your Days On.

You will probably find yourself leaping out of bed early in the morning at the prospect of having a day of your life all to yourself. Enjoy the puzzle of how to pack the most into your precious hours. Wow! Soon you will be living every day of your life like this– springing out of bed, careful not to miss a second!

You’ll learn to be the ball. A Day On is not about spending your day planning your new life. It’s about being it. If your yearning is to be a painter, you will paint.

Living among others.
Interacting with the others who choose not to actively engage in these choices can sometimes feel awkward. The inner voice that guides us can sometimes seem threatening, both to others and to ourselves. One of the main jobs of Society is to keep the tribe together. Often times this is accomplished by espousing fear and doubt. The Transcendentalists of the 1800’s dealt with this very thing.

When you find yourself beginning to opt out of various societal expectations we sometimes find that we must deal with an accompanying guilt. A Day On is a place of understanding. Here, you’re among friends.

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