Achieving Work-Life Balance: Changing Lifestyle and Perspective

The quest for work life balance begins by looking around and wondering: When are my work and life going more accurately reflect the ideas I have in my head? Is this much of my Life really supposed to be devoted to doing the bidding of others – or preparing to do the work others would have me do, or driving to work, neglecting my family and my dreams FOR WORK, jumping through unnecessary hoops for work, seemingly living for work?

You are born to win and achieve work life balance.

Triumphant image from “Born to Win” a household fixture from my childhood. Photo by John Pearson

I started this blog when I began actively working toward work life balance; moving away from being a body filling a desk for someone else and filling a life for myself full of creativity, work I love and meaningful relationships. This blog was a way to log my journey and to better form the beliefs and techniques that I hoped to eventually build my life on.

“A DAY ON:” My technique for work-life balance requires dedicating days toward working toward it.

Yoda says: Do or do not. There is no “try.”

The A Day On technique toward achieving work life balance is simply start “doing it.” If you dream of being a photographer get out there now and take some pictures and then quickly, before this god-given day gets away from you – post them for others to see. Post them everywhere. Then you ARE a photographer not simply dreaming of being one. The blog posts below represent approaches to Being. Read more about work life balance